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• 4/26/2015

"I Survived" {GAME}

This is a game where someone starts an "I Survived" story where they almost died.

Here's Mine:

I Survived an EF4 Tornado in Columbus, Ohio. It all started when I spotted an unimaginably large funnel cloud in the sky. Later, I reported this to the National Weather Service. When I got out of the building, I got picked up and thrown into the Scioto River! I was thought to be hopeless, but luckily, there were some people there to rescue me. I was rescued and interviewed on the news. My parents immediately came over to the Scioto (which was flooding at the time, thanks to Winter Storm Juno) and saw the tornado heading right toward us! I scaled it while I was about 1.4km away from it, it was a mile wide! "Look at all that debris," I said. "Take cover, guys!" The tornado destroyed The McDonalds on the street. "No, Not The McDonalds!" I quoted. I also noticed it destroyed the Arby's restaurant next to the McDonalds (This is a real street and yes, in real life, those two restaurants were next to each other) and the post office next to Arby's (We have da meats, lol) "Aww sh*t, how will I send mail to my buddies now?" I asked. But I didn't care, I thought I would be dead anyway. But there it was, the tornado right in front of my darn face. The debris hit me in the left eye, and it was gone. I went to the hospital, and BAM! out of nowhere, the tornado picked up the ambulance and threw it all the way over the river. The tornado dissipated and right the next second, we were back on track.


Think of:

  • The event
  • Who was there
  • Where did it take place
  • What happened during the event
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• 4/27/2015

I survived the Xeina, Ohio tornado in 1974. I was walking out the door when i saw two large funnel clouds merge, becoming a single massive tornado. I hopped in my car and raced towards the A&W Drive-In where I worked. I raced Inside and shouted a warning that a tornado was headed this way. People started running around looking for shelter. I hid under the counter. Then, the tornado slammed into the building tearing apart the walls and peeling back the roof. The 300MPH F5 tornado flung me 315 feetinto the air as I shreiked in tear. "As I looked down, I could see the landscape being rearanged below me" i recalled. Then, as quickly as it started, the tornado moved on, and i fell straight down. I was certain that this was the end of me. Thankfully, when i landed. i landed on a mattres from the furniture store across the street, but when i tried to stand, I couldn't because I would later find out that my back was fractured in 7 places, i had a concusion, 2 broken ribs, and a shattered hip. I screamed for help until about 35 miutes later, an Ambulence took me to the Hospital. Then, I was rushed to a room and was immediatly treated. The next day, a magnitude 8.4 earthquake collapsed th Hospital, thankfully, I was yet again found by a Hospital manager, and was put right back in a bed.

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